Tuesday, January 18, 2011



  1. longest DS animation to date, 736 frames and still not finished... (santa needs to come and deliver that present from the beginning so the whole thing loops)

    But its January, and its my sisters birthday, and it was made for her as a Christmas present, so enough is enough there it is for now- I can always add to the pile for another christmas.

    Happy Birthday Angie! Miss you tons, wish you were home, but I hope you enjoy your time at Disney World... for a year... ... .. so jealous..

  2. And and a snowboarder (perhaps Oreo hi hi) has to come down the hill doing jumps, grabs, & 360`s!

    And some music for Angie, pleaseeeee!

  3. ...just realized there is audio from something else on top of this... doesnt quite fit..