Saturday, July 25, 2009

This fella is a Ork from the far future. Higher level geeks will know what this guys all about, but for the rest of ya's lets just say that his metal jaw implant is bolted directly into his face...These guys are tough and mean, so don't forget, if you find yourself surrounded by a group of them, kill the biggest one you can see, he's probably the leader.
If you like sculpting, but don't really know what to make, start with an Ork.. i find them soothing to create. You really can't mess these guys up, they are really big, super ugly, and any part of them you don't like, just build something clunky overtop and blame it on surgery.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is another WIP that I touch up every so often. I'm usually never happy with a piece till It's either perfect.. or I completley over-work it and ruin it myself. This is a piece that has come full circle at least 3 times... I'll be sure to keep this baby going and update with photos so everyone can see why it takes me forever to finish a sculpture. I reaally like that back-shot though, that im pretty happy with...for now...

Wire Frames

"So what's all this weird lookin stuff?" you might ask, well gimme a sec and I'll tell you.. sheesh...
These are 'little Viking dude'-scale dioramas that I am building. Turns out pictures of the wire-frame stage aren't very exciting.. most of the shots I took are confusing. I'm pretty sure though that once I 'foil em up the extra demension will pop a little and youse guys's will be able to see the piece a little better.
So this is the little guy from before... He's jumping off the longship from above, and trying to make it onto shore.
These guys are still a little undecided... If you look at the base, you can see that I made them extra large. I can use these wire skeletons for either scaled-up Vikings, just to show I can make my characters big and detailed... or I can make them extra huge Giants, or some other monster and place my smaller models in there too just to show the size difference. Giants were big in those days man.. not just a few feet taller than you, but like 5-6 times taller. Think about it....

Cliff-side splashing sea monster!! AHHH
So if anyone reading this knows a bit about Viking mythology, they might know that Loki and his giant wife had three... abominations i guess you could call them.. for children. This is one of them.
This serpent is famous for defeating Thor at the battle of Ragnarok. Thor kills him with his trusty hammer first, but Jormungandr's poison eventually falls the mighty Asgardian. Everyone is sad now... sorry guys.

This is another child of Loki and Angrboda, his name is Fenrir, and he is most famous for swallowing Odin in one bite at the beginning of the battle of Ragnarok. Don't get too upset, one of Odin's sons immediatley steps in (to his face) and breaks his top jaw up off his bottom jaw (Kind of like the episode of Batman with the alligators in the sewer...awesome episode btw)

Viking's anyone?

So he're a sketch of one of my super-secret characters for my super secret televison show. I can't say much cause I'm deathly afraid of people stealing my ideas... I'm also afraid that If someone takes your photo, they take part of your spirit. And I'm afraid that the movie Ravenous is based on a true story(Wen-di-go's freak me out)

This is a 'uge Viking tossing a magic hammer with incredible force.

Now, this is from a different sculpture, but the subject matter is the same, that of giant awesome Vikings. I put this photo in line here just to show what the wire skeleton is basically like.

After I made the wire, I staple-gun them to a piece of wood so I can work on them without unwanted movement.

This is my first cooked model from my character line up from my super secret show... no stealing!

This.. well this is just another angle..

I like the thin handle for the hammer.. it gives you a sense for how 'uge these humans are. In almost all of my drawings of these guys the hands and feet are much smaller... maye in future pieces I'll stay a little more true to the style of my drawings.. but for now, the bigger hands are more fun to sculpt.

This is how big he is. I made a ton of wire skeletons all in similar size, so that I can assemble the pieces together in a diorama afterwards, and they will all have an accurate size-relation.

He might look small, but he is easily 6.5-7 feet tall... these guys are massive..


Here's an old Hellboy I started way back when I started my first animation job. I still haven't cooked it, which can lead to the model becoming stiff and 'cracky' ;originally the horns were full grown... oh hey... he's missing ears and his hair... rats.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cable (Work in progress)

So this is a sketch I did real quick-like.

This dude is Cable, a super badass from the future, he's older than his father, and his powers are demi-godly.
I've got mad props for the marvel universe, so I plan on making a lot more of their characters. It would be a dream job to make models full time for a comic shop.

Just like looking in a cloudy mirror... well it's not too bad considering it's still a WIP. I'm really not a fan of the guns... i'll have to come up with some time to re-visit this one.

Bruce Willis for cable in the next X-Man movie.. Kevin Smith should direct it, I hear he has a good rapport with Bruce...Now.. if only I had a good rapport with Kevin Smith...

It's kinda weird.. now that I see it in a framed photo, I can see so many tweaks to make... I guess I would have come to the same conclusion anyway, but it still seems like a reason to take photos more often...
So where to begin?

Well, I guess I already have begun by going through Animation school, then working at a studio with some crazy talented people, and there trying to learn as much as I could from them.
Working at a studio taught me a few things; There is always somebody more talented than you, You must never stop learning from those people, and from time to time you will be laid off.

I'm laid off, and it blows... if you let the time inbetween become a waste. Now that I realised 6 months can become a project instead of time to kill, I've become a happier, more motivated person.

So whats the project I have decided to put my time and energy in? Sculpture. I've always had a love for art you can hold, and not just on a piece of paper. Sculpture's are always cool, no matter how big or small, and every variation in style brings new wonder and excitement.

I sculpt, and post pictures...
I'm no expert when it comes to production. I might hold onto an idea for years and years with nothing to show for it. But there comes a time when a person has to do more than just dream. This is my time for action and dedication. I have a dream that I want to make real, and this is the beginning of my journey.

I want to write and direct for film and television. I want to design the videogame of my dreams. I want to make sculptures for comic book stores, and draw pictures that people would want to hang on their walls.

I have been building stepping stones for these goals my whole life, but damn it, it's about time I started to connect the dots and get the ball rolling.