Thursday, July 23, 2009

Viking's anyone?

So he're a sketch of one of my super-secret characters for my super secret televison show. I can't say much cause I'm deathly afraid of people stealing my ideas... I'm also afraid that If someone takes your photo, they take part of your spirit. And I'm afraid that the movie Ravenous is based on a true story(Wen-di-go's freak me out)

This is a 'uge Viking tossing a magic hammer with incredible force.

Now, this is from a different sculpture, but the subject matter is the same, that of giant awesome Vikings. I put this photo in line here just to show what the wire skeleton is basically like.

After I made the wire, I staple-gun them to a piece of wood so I can work on them without unwanted movement.

This is my first cooked model from my character line up from my super secret show... no stealing!

This.. well this is just another angle..

I like the thin handle for the hammer.. it gives you a sense for how 'uge these humans are. In almost all of my drawings of these guys the hands and feet are much smaller... maye in future pieces I'll stay a little more true to the style of my drawings.. but for now, the bigger hands are more fun to sculpt.

This is how big he is. I made a ton of wire skeletons all in similar size, so that I can assemble the pieces together in a diorama afterwards, and they will all have an accurate size-relation.

He might look small, but he is easily 6.5-7 feet tall... these guys are massive..

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