Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So where to begin?

Well, I guess I already have begun by going through Animation school, then working at a studio with some crazy talented people, and there trying to learn as much as I could from them.
Working at a studio taught me a few things; There is always somebody more talented than you, You must never stop learning from those people, and from time to time you will be laid off.

I'm laid off, and it blows... if you let the time inbetween become a waste. Now that I realised 6 months can become a project instead of time to kill, I've become a happier, more motivated person.

So whats the project I have decided to put my time and energy in? Sculpture. I've always had a love for art you can hold, and not just on a piece of paper. Sculpture's are always cool, no matter how big or small, and every variation in style brings new wonder and excitement.

I sculpt, and post pictures...

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