Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cable (Work in progress)

So this is a sketch I did real quick-like.

This dude is Cable, a super badass from the future, he's older than his father, and his powers are demi-godly.
I've got mad props for the marvel universe, so I plan on making a lot more of their characters. It would be a dream job to make models full time for a comic shop.

Just like looking in a cloudy mirror... well it's not too bad considering it's still a WIP. I'm really not a fan of the guns... i'll have to come up with some time to re-visit this one.

Bruce Willis for cable in the next X-Man movie.. Kevin Smith should direct it, I hear he has a good rapport with Bruce...Now.. if only I had a good rapport with Kevin Smith...

It's kinda weird.. now that I see it in a framed photo, I can see so many tweaks to make... I guess I would have come to the same conclusion anyway, but it still seems like a reason to take photos more often...

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